Blown Away

Rainbow portrait

After half a year in Melbourne, we are back in Tallinn. Back in the amazing apartment in the centre of everything, even in the centre of the most marvelous rainbows. Who cares about… Continue reading

Beautiful contrasts

Marie sitting in Melbourne, in a cinema waiting room. Too good setting to miss the chance of a photo.

My book soon available!

  I really love the illustration.

Off she goes

I have a colleague here in Melbourne and each time we finish work, we go to the opposite sides of the train station, waiting for the ride home. And each time one of… Continue reading

“God Will Understand”

The following review by me was published in And if you have the chance, go and see Norvalls “Shower”, it’s a short but strong flap straight in your face. The 23rd MQFF took place in… Continue reading

Monument to Nature

A picture with words this time. **** Tuesday, 26 October. Pak Sugeng’s birthday, announces an old notebook with yellowed corners, left on a fragile wooden desk. But no birth day ever followed. Instead,… Continue reading

Same view, different interpretation

  The way of editing photos really depends on the mood. And the way of reading and enjoying them later also has a lot to do with the state of mind. So how… Continue reading

Red Dotted Lamp and stuff you can do with it

Finally in Melbourne! Now that I’m a diligent student, you will soon get a flood of homework on these walls (starting from HDR, I’ll try not to do something horrific with this technique).… Continue reading

My very first studio shoot

I’ve been offline for such a long time I even got reluctant to visit my own page. But I’m currently working on my book (my other me is a writer) which will be… Continue reading