Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Muse and music

  Now that I am starting to discover the early possibilities of Photoshop, a new world of art making possibilities whirls around in my head. How come I never dove into this before?… Continue reading

My first solo exhibition

So the great news of the day is that I’m opening my very first solo exhibition today in Rennes, France. Going international straight away, how awesome is that! The topic is From Destruction… Continue reading

Summer memories

I just love-love-love Estonian summers, where the endless festivals are held in the middle of fields and forests, where for 48 hours the music in an old farm house never ends end where… Continue reading


Desert must be my favorite ecosystem. It is just so lifeless that one can only feel safe, deserted, in ultimate silence and walk in never-ending horizon. ¬†And once everything gets empty, it suddenly… Continue reading

Salad Head

This girl who I met at a market in Ouidah, Benin, was carrying a salad tray at least twice of her size. It was so large that in the beginning I even didn’t… Continue reading

The Endless Train Ride

As I mentioned before, one can travel on the trains of Siberia for days and still getting really nowhere. The only things to do is to chat with your fellow travellers, the old… Continue reading

Behind the Trees

Hours riding from the main village we reached a small grove in the middle of sandy fields. I pushed the branches away to peep what was between there and a rather unexpected view… Continue reading