Illusions of Venice

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Here’s a new photo-story. How does this work for you? Go on, spit it out..

I personally feel some parts of the text are not strong enough yet, especially the link between boxes number 4 and 5. The original story came from my other blog, which I had to shrink so much that it became hard to understand in the end if the meaning got through on the shorter version.

Also the font might be too thin for printing, isn’t it?

And all those guys who are professionals, I need some very practical advice. And forgive me my stupid questions now..

If I put together different photos which I have edited in the past in Lightroom and exported them all with a different resolution (e.g 72 for screen and some bigger ones for print). If I now want to mix them with each other in Photoshop to print it out as a postcard, is it a problem that everything had a different resolution or it’s something you can fix while saving it in PS later? And what should be the right resolution for something of a size of a normal postcard? (1/4th of A4).

Good news is I’m gonna study in Melbourne next semester and I just signed myself to a course “from Pixel to Print”. I’m very excited about my very first class in a photo department!