My very first studio shoot

Studio Shoot in Jogja

Studio shoot in Jogja

Photo shoot in Jogja

Photo shoto in Jogja

I’ve been offline for such a long time I even got reluctant to visit my own page.

But I’m currently working on my book (my other me is a writer) which will be published in Indonesia in March-Aprl and I’ve got only a few days left to hand it in as a ready product.

As I’m not a patient person, I needed some side-activities to keep me fresh. It turned out ┬ámy friend was house-sitting his friends’ place with a photo studio which he kindly let me use for a day. And as also Marie decided to shave her hair, we had some fun with the new looks in a new atmosphere.

No one really knew how to fix the lights, the massive flash only made things worse and I didn’t exactly have a right lens for it, but I’m pretty happy with my first-ever studio shoot. I might consider having the equipment once I get rich.