Sometimes I feel I have to little narcissism to survive in the creative, social world where one has to praise her own work for it to become known. I don’t feel comfortable making big words of myself, or of any of my projects. I wish they could just exist without me at the background, and gain some attention on their own, like separate beings. And one day I could say – though only when I become satisfied enough – yes, indeed, I happened to do this.

But seems there is no place for my dream as already many have asked for the about-page. To define, to limit, to position, to put into context. Who am I and what  am I doing, though in this eclecticism I hardly know where to draw the boarders.

Let’s just say I travel often. Originally from Estonia, I’ve travelled through the world and lived besides my homeland in London, Paris, Russia and Indonesia, currently about to move to Australia. I’ve never considered myself as a photographer, but a camera is always following me on my voyages. It is just recently that I noticed that some of the pictures taken around the world happen to be aesthetically rather pleasing. Furthermore, to make more sense of what exactly am I doing with my newly extended eye, I created this page. Maybe it will help me to find a way of a certain style, theme or mood that I could be identified in an artistically acceptable way.

Other than that, I actually write. This is what has been with me much longer than taking photos. My English, though still clumsy, version of the literary blog can be found here: http://www.avantourists.com.

Let us see where it all takes us.