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Blown Away

Rainbow portrait

After half a year in Melbourne, we are back in Tallinn. Back in the amazing apartment in the centre of everything, even in the centre of the most marvelous rainbows. Who cares about… Continue reading

Off she goes

I have a colleague here in Melbourne and each time we finish work, we go to the opposite sides of the train station, waiting for the ride home. And each time one of… Continue reading

Red Dotted Lamp and stuff you can do with it

Finally in Melbourne! Now that I’m a diligent student, you will soon get a flood of homework on these walls (starting from HDR, I’ll try not to do something horrific with this technique).… Continue reading

Illusions of Venice

Here’s a new photo-story. How does this work for you? Go on, spit it out.. I personally feel some parts of the text are not strong enough yet, especially the link between boxes… Continue reading

Photo-text editing in process, critics are welcome

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my previous two posts, I really appreciate. I will put these posts back to draft now, they are kind of out of… Continue reading

Dead city

Vorkuta, Siberia, Russia. The view on the old working camps.