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Blown Away

Same view, different interpretation

  The way of editing photos really depends on the mood. And the way of reading and enjoying them later also has a lot to do with the state of mind. So how… Continue reading

Siberian half-shaman

This collage is not my favorite and I can already see things that need to be fixed on it, but I really wanted to tell this story what happened to us a few… Continue reading

Photo-text editing in process, critics are welcome

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my previous two posts, I really appreciate. I will put these posts back to draft now, they are kind of out of… Continue reading

Reflection from the bottom of the earth

There is this place in a desert of Oman, where one can go down the stairs and enter a crater-like space with a small lake in the middle. What is amazing, is that… Continue reading


Desert must be my favorite ecosystem. It is just so lifeless that one can only feel safe, deserted, in ultimate silence and walk in never-ending horizon.  And once everything gets empty, it suddenly… Continue reading

Behind the Trees

Hours riding from the main village we reached a small grove in the middle of sandy fields. I pushed the branches away to peep what was between there and a rather unexpected view… Continue reading

Cold and blue

This is not just a snapshot of and empty corner. The full two-day train ride in Siberia looks something like that. 

Solitary Elephant

This Kenyan elephant seems to have lost the rest of the crowd.

Autumn Bog

One fifth of Estonia is covered with marshes and bogs.