#2 Unfortunate Luck


You won’t believe what happened. I come back from the damn bank when two hot babes holding microphones and cameras come up to me.

We are shooting a TV-game, the winner will have a two-week vacation. Are you interested?”

The chicks are attractive and giggling seductively, so I say yes. I mean, what the heck, I live only once, right?

They tell me if I want to win I need to be ready and packed at the airport faster than the other competitors.

I sign the contract with a blind eye, run to get my passport from office and stop a taxi to scoot me off to the airport a.s.a.p.

And guess what. I am first! The TV-chicks applause and hand over the winning ticket.

I get on a flight and land in Thailand, with a straw hat and surfing pants they gave me as another present. Just like that, can you believe it?

But then I remember. Holy sh*t! I need to take my kid from kindergarden tomorrow night – it’s my week of parenting and these bitches say here I won’t have tickets back home before the two weeks noted in the contract I’ve signed.

Bro, be a man and send me some bucks for a return, will ya?