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Blown Away

Rainbow portrait

After half a year in Melbourne, we are back in Tallinn. Back in the amazing apartment in the centre of everything, even in the centre of the most marvelous rainbows. Who cares about… Continue reading

My first solo exhibition

So the great news of the day is that I’m opening my very first solo exhibition today in Rennes, France. Going international straight away, how awesome is that! The topic is From Destruction… Continue reading

Summer memories

I just love-love-love Estonian summers, where the endless festivals are held in the middle of fields and forests, where for 48 hours the music in an old farm house never ends end where… Continue reading

Autumn Bog

One fifth of Estonia is covered with marshes and bogs.

All It Takes

Looks like botanical gardens? Well, guess again. Liisi is being pretty at a prison party.

Soviet reverie

No fancy cars needed to pick up chicks if you have an old Soviet Lada.