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My book soon available!

  I really love the illustration.

Red Dotted Lamp and stuff you can do with it

Finally in Melbourne! Now that I’m a diligent student, you will soon get a flood of homework on these walls (starting from HDR, I’ll try not to do something horrific with this technique).… Continue reading

Reflection from the bottom of the earth

There is this place in a desert of Oman, where one can go down the stairs and enter a crater-like space with a small lake in the middle. What is amazing, is that… Continue reading

Summer memories

I just love-love-love Estonian summers, where the endless festivals are held in the middle of fields and forests, where for 48 hours the music in an old farm house never ends end where… Continue reading


Desert must be my favorite ecosystem. It is just so lifeless that one can only feel safe, deserted, in ultimate silence and walk in never-ending horizon. ¬†And once everything gets empty, it suddenly… Continue reading

Behind the Trees

Hours riding from the main village we reached a small grove in the middle of sandy fields. I pushed the branches away to peep what was between there and a rather unexpected view… Continue reading


Who ever travels to South America, I urge you to visit this amazing 4000 square miles salt flat. When it is raining, a small layer of water on top of the salty crust… Continue reading

Solitary Elephant

This Kenyan elephant seems to have lost the rest of the crowd.